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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Short Row Heel Hell.

Oh yeah I am in it. Let me just say I did the short row 10 times on my 1st pair of socks, and they aren't perfect. I figured fuck it ! The heels are in my shoes and it doesnt matter.

Well, this is my second pair and the short row HOLES are not part of my pattern damnit ! The green string is my life line. The holes are not part of the pattern. So I'm going to rip it and hopefully this diagram I found will help the holes disappear. The funny thing is, I can do the 1st 1/2 of the heel perfectly, the second half where you lift the wrap apparently was the issue. (only one row of holes, not 2 ;))

Link to illustration - Hopefully this will help us all ! just in case it doesnt work.

Also with the wonderful opinion of Knittykat, I did the lining for my Noni bag !
Today I am going to get the clacky handles from the yarn store, finish the flowers, and send out the next few Uni applications.
Check out this pimpness,and I just want to say hand sewing sucks just as much as joining seams to finish your knitting.

Lastly for my special guy, I did another finger tube.
The Knucks will be finished before I try to make my 1st sweater.
Hooray it's Thursday, and no longer payday.

One day closer to going ring shopping :)


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