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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I wrote such a beautiful post.....and navagated away from it like an idiot by accident.

Let's try this again.

All it takes is one gauge swatch....

Yesterday I took T's dad to the hospital for his throat operation. As I walked into the waiting room, I saw a woman making a beaded necklace ! So I plopped down beside her and pulled out my knitting :)
Not even 5 minutes after finishing delightful crafty conversation with her did a man sit next to me and ask when I would be finished with a sweater for him.

Now mind you, this was a waiting room in a Veteran's Hospital, so a bunch of the good old boys were in there and as soon as I smelled the sweet old man cologne I was ready for some old man flirting.

I didn't really look up at 1st, I just inhaled, got misty thinking about my grandpa, and smiled at his comment..."I could never understand why the ladies could never decide which stick they wanted the yarn on.."

So I looked up at him and smiled, and answered him.
"I don't know if I would have enough time to finish a sweater before we both wind up getting out of here ! Plus, if I told you how I decide which NEEDLE, that would be giving all the magic away now wouldn't it ?

The room and the man all started to giggle as I smiled. So I continued, "You know, men were the 1st ones to knit ? After you boys went to war, we took up knitting so you would have warm socks and hats to wear out there. So maybe you can teach me a stitch or two huh ?"
He smiled, everyone giggled, and the nurse came in and called his name.
As he got up to leave I called out,"Nice to meet you George, good luck !"

It was nice be out of the house and getting some attention. That moment was the highlight of my week. The job fair and following two hour agony of spilling my work history to the Temp Agency online didn't give a smidge of pleasure.

In fact this week has been shit.
More applications sent, and one rejection letter of "Thanks, but no thanks" came in the mail. So George actually gave me something to smile about.

I am so short on money right not I cant really buy the circs I need to make the sweater before it gets cold a month or two from now, but I may say screw it and spoil myself. I should be grateful instead of sulking, some really wonderful things are on the horizon, and Noel told me if I want her wedding dress I can have it - WHICH WAS SO NICE. That really touched me..

Perhaps it's cranberry season approaching, and it matches my swatch, but it's been a emotional day, and I want more control. AND A JOB DAMNIT.

Life is short, so a short list of good things.
* I got to eat an avocado from the yard
*I cut my nails and I can type so much better !
*I cut 4 inches off my hair a few minutes ago and I feel so much better...Yeah it's still very long, but managable
*This post is just as good as the first.

Happy Thursday


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