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Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday - yet again.

I guess it's better than the alternative ;)
Today I am planning to visit a job fair, and then come home & tackle the house.
Thanksgiving is coming and we are definitely throwing it here with mine and Mr. T's parents and Raymond :)(T's brother)

I have the drive to decrapify and am fighting the urge to just do a grab and trash.
This past weekend I stashbusted some yarn & crocheted 3 scarves. For some reason I cant bring myself to buy yarn(without having a job), and need gifts for xmas for the gentile friends ;)
So I made a pink mohair/angora etc scarf for Noel and a matching one for Coral :)
I also made a double strand scarf from some acrylic I bought at Wallyworld a looooong time ago (because walmart is the devil and I havent spent a cent in there since like october of 2003 or 2004..whatever, it's been a long time and somewhat suprisingly easy boycott) Anyway the camoflage acrylic seems to be my fave new scarf, I may have to keep it.

As I am typing this, Lily is chewing on her toenails....Cats can be really gross.
So are we lately. T is going to be scrubbing the bathroom and taking out the trash tonight YAY !!!!!

In movie news we watched the BBC adaptation of Tipping the Velvet this past weekend.
I wasnt sure if T would like it, because after all it's a sort of lesbian love story, but he really enjoyed it. It was nice to see it again, and I must say hats off to the british, we really could learn alot from them culturally - all politics aside. They arent as stuck up and prudish (movie/tvwise).

Hope everyone is well, have a good week !
Btw, Cara - your hat looks awesome !!!

I hope to take a little time to lifeline and picot edge my socks so that perhaps I can participate in SOCKTOBERFEST !!!!
(the cookie is from Alessi's ^_^)


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