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Thursday, March 22, 2007

2.4 miles !

Tonight after work, T & I went to the park again, and I skated 2.4 miles !
Plus a little girl who was skating and I had a little "Rock On Sister" Moment.
She smiled, I smiled & gave her the roller skater thumbs up ^_^
It was awesome !
Also as luck would have it, T noticed that there were signs that warned of alligators in the pond there. Wouldn't you know I looked and saw the gator and then couldnt get my legs together and I fell. I could have been gator meat !! The alligator totally turned around towards the shore.

I feel awesome.

Here are some pics of the green thumb stuff on my back porch :)

This is a pineapple top I planted !! It makes a pretty plant I think, and the lizards outside seem to love doing their red throat mating dance on it
The large pot contains pink and yellow tulips I planted this winter... I hope they come soon !
The round planter next to it is a bunch of sweet basil.
Nothing is better than fresh basil.

Lastly, some mint plants, because mojito season is approaching...

The sweater is coming along, and I cant decide if I want roll sleeves, or ribbed edges.
Life is tough huh ?

Btw, Kneesocky, I love the shawl you made !!! I cant picture myself as one of those people either, but you make it sophisticated. ^_^

Hooray ! Friday is upon us !!!!


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