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Monday, March 26, 2007

Do you recognize this skyline ?

Well that would be Austin, Texas...and quite possibly our new home.
T has been striking out on finding a new job here to get him out of his current situation similar to govt. torture, and since Austin is a tech town, he is applying.
Now I know I have been going on and on about the Rollergirls, and that is their town - but that is not the reason for the move. We need to be happy as a unit, and I think that just maybe we are going to relocate if the offers come in way sweeter than they ever were here in Florida.

So many things have been going through my mind about how our lives will change if this happens. My only hope is that if it does, we will be happy and able to make friends easily where we go...otherwise I will have to join the derby just to get to know people. At this point I dont even think I'd be an alternate. But here and there I have been skating better and better ^_^.

I was going to have a rollerskating pic for you, but we forgot the camera.
I've begged my mom to come visit us soon to help plan the wedding, we shall see if we actually rush the marriage to get it completed before we move if that's a possibility.

It's like all of a sudden all the settled in plans I had in my head are discarded.
I can say this much:
*I didnt want to spend my entire life in Florida
*I was in Austin, and I loved what I saw of it
*This would be a big adventure for both of us
*This could be a chance that T will get the $ he deserves and if we decide to have kids, he would be in a better position for me to stay at home to take care of the baby personally
*i will miss my family, but I usually see them if I make the trek & florida tickets are cheap by plane LOL

I feel just as excited and intimidated as I did when I moved to tampa.
I think that if you visualize and accept large and risky changes, they more than likely happen.
It'd be nice to have seasons again.
Just even thinking this stuff makes me feel like tossing a ton of shit to Goodwill today was a step in the process of preparation.
I will be updating with any changes !


  • At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Aryn said…

    My grandparents live in Austin! So I can still visit you if you move there, haha!

    And I totally recognized the skyline.

  • At 6:00 PM, Blogger cara said…

    I've been to Austin but I didn't recognize the skyline. But good luck with the move! And happy Passover, too!


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