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Sunday, April 01, 2007

F.O. Finally !!!!

The "Noni" bag is done. After totally rewriting the pattern and reshaping the bag, and then fussing with the lining and needlepoint canvas...then help from my mother-in-law to be to finish the sewing and placement of the handles...etc..
I cut up my Sophie bag and made some flowers (I wrote the template too!)

It's @#$%^&*'g FINISHED !!!

I'm delighted to show this off, and the 1st sleeve of my skull relief sweater is done.
T is still applying like mad to jobs in Austin, and almost all our friends have been given the news. Most are happy so far for us....

The wedding is being pushed back to 2.13.08.
I am not going to follow the biggest, fattest, greek wedding that Stephanie and Saggy Balls are gonna have the day before our engagement anniversary. We want ours to be the highlight of the weekend. So maybe in FL or maybe in TX. It all depends on what's next.

Friday we went to see Blades of Glory and it was AWESOME ! I laughed the death rattle and scared all of us HAH ! Today we went to vegan brunch with t's parents and walked 7.2 miles of the Pinellas Trail. My feet are blistered, and I am sunburnt, but I am so glad to have gotten the exercise in. it was a good weekend... and I even went shopping ! I had to reward myself with some new clothes, my pants are down one size ! Good Stuff.
Still loving roller derby and thinking that joining, or at least trying when i get to Austin would be the SHIZ !! Gotta keep practicing and going for longer laps at the park :)

Best wishes for a good start of the week !!


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