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Friday, April 13, 2007

I really should be getting ready for work.

I have changed my mind. The wedding is still on for 11.11.07
I refuse to change my date, just because my girlfriend is having her big fat greek wedding the day before. That day is the year anniversary of when we got engaged and no other date will do, and I am not waiting another year. That was my only Bridezilla moment.

T is waiting to find out his fate today. He presented his argument that he wants severance because they are outsourcing, unwisely, all the IT at his job.
I just found out that where I work, the ship seems to be sinking and people are fleeing like rats off a sinking ship. Good Stuff !!!!
It's the state, so they do things slowly, so I am looking now myself as well.
T has a possible job interview making more $ than he is now, so that is reassuring :)

We are going to see Grindhouse this weekend, and I can't figure out if I am more excited to see Rose McGowan with a machine gun leg, or the Rollergirls in Death Proof !
They send me an email saying that Punky, Venis & Tim (the announcer) are going to have cameos.

12 pounds down, possibly more, but who cares, I bought a slinky pair of 12 pinstripe pants ;)

Next weekend we are hitting the springs one week off from going friday the 13th last year !
Maybe tonight Jason will come and kill all of our noisy neighbors...and their roosters.


(j/k I dont want them to die, I want them to STFU !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and their little dogs too....)


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