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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh back to civilization !

We went camping and tubing again this past weekend. Thank goodness, I really thought a vacation was grossly overdue. I even crocheted my 1st beanie cap. (with success I might add!)

T is going for his 3rd interview at a new job, and is convinced he's got it. In my job related news, the entire place I work has been circulating rumors, that were true. Come November I may not have a job. This of course sucks, but I spent some time last night filling out 3 applications to transfer elsewhere in the university. While I am not pleased about it, the camping seems to have eliminated my cares about the future of my job stability. I even bought a pair of shoes ;)
In fact in the past month I have bought 4 pairs of shoes, but only kept 3. Something about stress makes that shoe buying gene active I think.

So, for now it looks like Austin is a vacation spot and not our future home, and getting a DOG, PREFERABLY A BOSTON TERRIER OR A PUG seems to be looming on the horizon. But as Lily sits diligently at my side as I type, she is giving me the black cat stare of "Oh hell to the no! - NO DOGS!"

Knitty - I love your butter lamb sculpture, that really is terrific, plus the hubby helped you and that's adorable. Let's see that belly !

Kneesocky - You are the sock generator. You actually make me want to learn to do the pick up heel, although I havent knit socks since last year...

Cara - i dont know what it is, but i dont trust the JC..I think I did the initials right... Be Careful !

The latest obsession is crochet, and while I am struggling to learn to do a circle to make a bag, a recycled plastic bag is on my mind for our grocery shopping trips. (I made the hat in the most inconventional way, starting with the brim and decreasing to the top of the hat, and starting from the bottom is seeming like an exercise in futility... I will keep trying.

Happy Tuesday ! (woo hoo its date night !)

Did anyone see Heroes last night ? I actually care about the show again. Go Figure.


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