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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The flu ?

Yes I had the flu - miraculously it's over.
Not much to report really. I haven't been knitting anything. NOTHING !
I've been reading "Y the last man" graphic novel #1 sporadically, and Mr.T & his dad are getting a new antenna for the roof so we can watch Nova and Julia Child cook on pbs among other things.

After the morning romp for YAY SATURDAY!!, I was treated to fresh coffee and man poured pumpkin pancakes via Williams Sonoma's yearly amazing mix.

*sigh* it's good to be Queen.

Just kicking back and relaxing, tonight we are going to an strange movie/art show :-)
Dont forget to FALL BACK !

Halloweeny Goodness via Lily & Norman

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


The sweater is in purgatory for the moment.
I wore a scarf tonight for the 1st time because it's cold for this state !
it's 66 degrees in the house !!!!

Tomorrow is the interview..have I said that already ???
Wish me luck I need to go back to work.....
I think I am going to rip the whole sweater out.

I tried it on yesterday and it seemed too big, and I didnt like it.
I know, it is such a waste, but I don't want to make something I wont wear. I am contemplating designing my own thing :)
It's going to be a bity of a challenge, but I am up to it.
The crappiest part of all about it is that it was 51 degrees last night, and I was so close to finishing the body I could shoot myself.
But that isnt going to happen. I am not the owner of Enron ;)
So I am gonna rip it back and see if I have the skills to do it.

Antler cables look like fun :)

Anyway, the interview is tomorrow and I need to paint my nails and iron my shirt !
Wish me luck !!!!

oh, and no proposal yet ;) he's cooking something up...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I GOT AN INTERVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next wednesday at 2:30 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


and watching the 1st season of Boston Legal.
I have a renewed love for all things Shatner and Spader.
Plus, we watched the 1st two episodes of Heroes last night, and it's not so bad.
I'm not hooked on it, but it could be good. I had to stop reading Senor Coconut's blog because she's a fan, and SPOILERS PEOPLE !

We went to the MAC party last night for the Nocturnelle line premiere.
Needless to say, I have a special batch of goodies on the way that I couldn't resist ;)

Today is a workforce seminar at 2pm - Joy.

2 letters of possible interview pending from the Uni...Let's hope something pans out.
Time for coffee :)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Smores, Shoney's, Schnitzel :)

So no murders on the lake out in Gainesville...But I wished somebody would have kiled some obnoxious campers down the lane from us.

We had a huge rip-roaring fire, pancakes and coffee made up by Mr. T on the propane stove, fresh fruit and wonderful rumpy rompy in the woods. Amazing times, lots of laughs, and a cold slow drift down the springs.

Yeah we are going camping again in 3 weeks.
I love it, and I can't wait for the next mini break ^_^

Tonight we went to the Schnitzelhaus for Oktoberfest beer, goulash, yummy salad, chicken Jagerschnitzel with yummy noodles and appley spicy sauerkraut.
There was a mushroomy creamy sauce over everything and we ran for the lactaids soon after for protection.
There was an accordian lady there and she played "It's a small world", "The Chicken Dance", "Let me call you sweetheart", and "Lady of Spain".
Mr. T said he wished he had the ring with us and asked, "Can't we pretend I had the ring here tonight ?"

Ahh Butterflies and a smile that hurt my face.

The proposal is going to be exhilarating.
I am not touching the box with the ring again - I am gonna wait.

3 days without my knitting...Maybe I have time for a few rows before I pass out ;)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

I love Friday the 13th. I also love irony.
I was born on the 13th, and take extra joy when my birthday rolls around to it, but here's the irony folks.....

I am going camping in the woods this weekend, where I will be shacking up (unengaged so far ;), with alcohol (a giant jug of sangria that only takes one mug and you are on your way), in tents (exposed and no cabin to hide in), and shower/bathroom facilities in the great outdoors.

Mr. Voorhees, kindly don't come looking for me. I'd like to be married before I die !

No one has said it out loud yet that we are going camping/tubing on this glorious date.
I think besides the fact that culturally I am one of the "chosen ones" and that my birthday is on such a lucky day, what will save Chad, Noel, and Mr. T ?
I dont wanna Akinahurrah anything, but I am the only one who is gonna make it out alive ^_^

Big crazy thanks to Knittykat and Ms. Righetti.
I just got the Knitting in Plain English this week and have benefitted from it's sage wisdom.

Ever have to join new yarn in the middle of the row ?
I usually don't and make sure I do the slip knot method, which also sometimes creates a lump in the join. Not ALWAYS, but sometimes.
I am ready to share the best tip I have come across to join yarn in a lump free way that has totally been FRIGGIN' AMAZING !
(ok well I thought so, and I would be remiss if I didn't tell you (the 7 that read this who probably already know the trick).

*If you are in the middle of a row or anywhere and you are running out of yarn, and you need to join simply leave a 6" long tail and overlay (not wrap) the joining yarn.
Then knit about 6 sts or so, and drop the old yarn and continue with the new !
You can weave in the tails afterward and you have a smooth and no lump join !

well it really worked so much better than the other methods and pretending I knew a square knot..or asking the resident Eagle Scout for his help :P
See ??

It's almost time to pull it off the needles and see if it's ready to work the body !! I am whipping through this one and seriously am enjoying it immensely. The repeats are making me anxious to slip the sleeves off to the side and go for finishing the body. I also need to figure out how to make hole-less increases to make bell sleeves, because, well I love bell sleeves.
Why shouldn't my 1st sweater have my fave sweater feature ??

Here's a peek at the prize I got from a crackerjack box ^_^

Happy 13th Everyone !

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Addi's and New Project.

Started yesterday,
Cosmicpluto Top Down Cardigan pattern
I have been stalking this pattern since August, when I discovered her blog. So if she winds up here, Thank you so much Laura !!!
The pattern is really straightforward, and is turning out to be a fun and fast knit.
I may use it again to try a pullover style sweater, or maybe try a dress like Katie did in September.

This is so fun to knit, I almost forgot that I have to go pick up my ring today !!!
The yarn is Wool Ease, and really it's not bad to work with. My hands aren't burned from the wool acrylic blend, and the color is really a perfect cranberry. It took me a long time in the store to just suck it up and buy it, I had a $50 something order in queue for Knitpicks, but if this goes well I may make another with Lorna's Laces in Vera colorway ;) Gotta send more applications, here is the progress before any work today on it. Poor Mr. T, will he ever get his gloves ?

Monday, October 09, 2006

I present....Mata Hari - FO !!!

Let me just say that I learn everything the hard way lately. I bound off one sock and went to try it on, only seconds after cast off I didn't expand the opening. I had already cut out my lifeline and was just livid ! I screwed up a month's worth of knitting for forgetting !!!

I learned that you sleep on it. I woke up the next day and inserted a life line and ripped out 12 rows on one sock, and a few on the other. The point is this, I FIXED IT BY MYSELF ! Plus I made my 1st picot edge after reading as much as I could online, and since I haven't a clue how to do kitchener from toe up - I grafted all my stitches to the fold over on my edge.

I IMPROVISED, and now I really feel like a "can do it" knitter.
(although the thought of working on the Knucks is soooo putting me off...)

Nini and I present, the 13 version of the Mata Hari "Craftaholic" socks !

KNITTING TIP, if anyone doesnt know, you can lifeline by sewing through stockinette on all "/" looking stitches in the pattern of the knitting.

(and yes I found my notes to post my dvd review for the pron swap. soon to be posted, AND THE RING WILL BE DONE AND READY WEDNESDAY !!)

Friday, October 06, 2006

but I had to know ;)

(and you cunty bitch who mocked me and said I looked like Rikki Lake, EAT SOPHIA LOREN !!!!!)
Who's got the man and the better ring ???

Forgive me for being immature, but yeah I had to exorcise a small demon >;)

Hauling ass to finish my Mata Hari socks in my 1st picot edge and totally being a jerk and not posting my dvd review for the G* girls. I will, just not now.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

I wrote such a beautiful post.....and navagated away from it like an idiot by accident.

Let's try this again.

All it takes is one gauge swatch....

Yesterday I took T's dad to the hospital for his throat operation. As I walked into the waiting room, I saw a woman making a beaded necklace ! So I plopped down beside her and pulled out my knitting :)
Not even 5 minutes after finishing delightful crafty conversation with her did a man sit next to me and ask when I would be finished with a sweater for him.

Now mind you, this was a waiting room in a Veteran's Hospital, so a bunch of the good old boys were in there and as soon as I smelled the sweet old man cologne I was ready for some old man flirting.

I didn't really look up at 1st, I just inhaled, got misty thinking about my grandpa, and smiled at his comment..."I could never understand why the ladies could never decide which stick they wanted the yarn on.."

So I looked up at him and smiled, and answered him.
"I don't know if I would have enough time to finish a sweater before we both wind up getting out of here ! Plus, if I told you how I decide which NEEDLE, that would be giving all the magic away now wouldn't it ?

The room and the man all started to giggle as I smiled. So I continued, "You know, men were the 1st ones to knit ? After you boys went to war, we took up knitting so you would have warm socks and hats to wear out there. So maybe you can teach me a stitch or two huh ?"
He smiled, everyone giggled, and the nurse came in and called his name.
As he got up to leave I called out,"Nice to meet you George, good luck !"

It was nice be out of the house and getting some attention. That moment was the highlight of my week. The job fair and following two hour agony of spilling my work history to the Temp Agency online didn't give a smidge of pleasure.

In fact this week has been shit.
More applications sent, and one rejection letter of "Thanks, but no thanks" came in the mail. So George actually gave me something to smile about.

I am so short on money right not I cant really buy the circs I need to make the sweater before it gets cold a month or two from now, but I may say screw it and spoil myself. I should be grateful instead of sulking, some really wonderful things are on the horizon, and Noel told me if I want her wedding dress I can have it - WHICH WAS SO NICE. That really touched me..

Perhaps it's cranberry season approaching, and it matches my swatch, but it's been a emotional day, and I want more control. AND A JOB DAMNIT.

Life is short, so a short list of good things.
* I got to eat an avocado from the yard
*I cut my nails and I can type so much better !
*I cut 4 inches off my hair a few minutes ago and I feel so much better...Yeah it's still very long, but managable
*This post is just as good as the first.

Happy Thursday

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday - yet again.

I guess it's better than the alternative ;)
Today I am planning to visit a job fair, and then come home & tackle the house.
Thanksgiving is coming and we are definitely throwing it here with mine and Mr. T's parents and Raymond :)(T's brother)

I have the drive to decrapify and am fighting the urge to just do a grab and trash.
This past weekend I stashbusted some yarn & crocheted 3 scarves. For some reason I cant bring myself to buy yarn(without having a job), and need gifts for xmas for the gentile friends ;)
So I made a pink mohair/angora etc scarf for Noel and a matching one for Coral :)
I also made a double strand scarf from some acrylic I bought at Wallyworld a looooong time ago (because walmart is the devil and I havent spent a cent in there since like october of 2003 or 2004..whatever, it's been a long time and somewhat suprisingly easy boycott) Anyway the camoflage acrylic seems to be my fave new scarf, I may have to keep it.

As I am typing this, Lily is chewing on her toenails....Cats can be really gross.
So are we lately. T is going to be scrubbing the bathroom and taking out the trash tonight YAY !!!!!

In movie news we watched the BBC adaptation of Tipping the Velvet this past weekend.
I wasnt sure if T would like it, because after all it's a sort of lesbian love story, but he really enjoyed it. It was nice to see it again, and I must say hats off to the british, we really could learn alot from them culturally - all politics aside. They arent as stuck up and prudish (movie/tvwise).

Hope everyone is well, have a good week !
Btw, Cara - your hat looks awesome !!!

I hope to take a little time to lifeline and picot edge my socks so that perhaps I can participate in SOCKTOBERFEST !!!!
(the cookie is from Alessi's ^_^)
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