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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"That was the BEST Thanksgiving" - my dad

Thanksgiving was effin awesome ! The turkey came out perfect, the stuffing was to die for (including hand hammering and roasting the chestnuts), the string beans were great, the cranberry mold came out awesome (even though when making it I threw 1/2 of the 1st batch all over the kitchen when the mold popped open), the chive and sage bisciuts from scratch rocked (they were shaped like hearts ;)- everything was awesome. I definitely didnt take enough pictures.
The best was my dad parading around the house repeating how everything was so good that I made the best Thanksgiving...and he wonders why I am his cheerleader too...

Plus, T got up at 5 am at several attempts for the Nintendo Wii.

I love the Wii.
I loved playing the tennis, the golf ! If I didnt wind up getting the flu somehow I'd be playing it right now. Zelda is beautiful and I wish I wasnt so achey, because I would get some quality knitting and entertainment sitting with T as he plays it.

I'll have to get permission to post the pics of him and Ray playing the Wii, they are way too funny...

Green tea, comtrex and Martha & the View for me.
Still no word as to when I start working and it's driving me batty.
I hope you all had a beautiful holiday... I think I am going to have to write Martha Stewart a Thank You letter.....

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Today I start cooking.

Besides all the other million things that I have to do, today is the 1st day of real Thanksgiving cooking.
*place cards - done
*polish the silver - done
*most of food shopping minus picking up turkey, chestnuts and flat parsley - done
*roasting rack, martini shaker, and truss twine - got it now (thanks T)

*the biscuits are being made and frozen per Martha's recipe
*cranberry marshmellow mold being set
*Padma Lakshmi's butternut squash soup being cooked and placed in fridge

I was thinking of making the soup today and then reheating it in my crock pot on turkey day. Has anyone done this ? I think I am just gonna go for it on that one.

I also have to pick up the tablecloths and card table from Noelly.
We dont have a large enough table for 7.... Maybe someday.
Pics are on the way, just gotta make stuff first !!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Lake Manatee State park - Is gorgeous !

It was a cold camping weekend, I think it got down to 40 degrees..
It was my 1st time using a mummy bag, and we slept in T's coffin shaped tent.
But I digress.. The park has trails through the woods and a lake, and it was alot quieter than Ginnie Springs - too quiet to get into any ruckus during alone time in the tent. Which was crap, but the mummy bag wouldnt have had any room to try.
I know it sounds like sour grapes from me, but if I was having such a terrible time, why did I take pictures ? Because I loved it !!!
I would definitely return to this park, the nature walks with T were so great.
Exhilarating in Fact !
Some naturey joy before I tear my hair out trying to make Thanksgiving ^_^

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Getting ready for the Holidays

Yesterday I bought a bunch of frames to decorate the entry wall for a family collage :)
I have a photo of my parents from their wedding, and pics of my 2 sets of grandparents, plus a old photo of T's great-grandparents. His dad gave us the photo months ago because he thought we resembled the photo. I think he said she was a shapely woman and he was skinny as a rail from the beginning to the end. Nice huh ? Jack Sprat and Lady V. I thought it was meant in a sweet way and I hope they enjoy seeing it matted and framed for Thanksgiving. Since we are engaged now I wanted to have a family photo section in the house. Seemed like the grownup thing to do, and T enjoyed hanging them for me.

I also got the Thanksgiving place card materials, Martha says you need some place cards, so I am doin' it.

Today I have been going from room to room trying to get things straightened out for Thanksgiving preparation. The bathroom is way more organized and there's plenty of space for Lily and her blankie..It was my 1st non-scarf knitting project, and she decided she likes sleeping on it.

Also on my thirfty jaunt to Michael's I picked up more yarn for xmas scarves for my goyim friends ^_^ Here's the scarf stash. The yucky one that is red and purple for a red hatter Ms. Helen - they picked the colors - not me. The two pink fluffy ones are for Noelly and Coral - Matching for mom & baby ;) The camo one is for the Daddy - Mr. Chad.
The wild pink stripey one is for Shane, and he told me what he wanted, and pastel one is on the works for his boyfriend Frankie :) I hope they will be happy with them and I HOPE THEY ARE ON TIME !!

Lots of excitement brewing and we are planning a little nature getaway with the Suders this weekend, which will be great... Mr. T is insisting we make peach cobbler in the dutch oven - I think he just wants to be the superhero to the kids ^_^
Guess if we get dirty, we really will have to be quiet this time LOL !!

Maybe I'll bring T's gloves with me on this trip...That ought to make him feel better that they are more in progress...especially since I stopped my sweater and got back on the scarf/gift bandwagon..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Never gonna be Ms. Beezer

Yesterday I contacted my 1st boyfriend ever(the real 1st know)
and let him know the backup plan to get married at 35 (if we both were still single) was off. He's been my friend since I was 17 and so if you pay attention you know that's a very long time ^_^ In fact he is my only friend left from New Jersey and is my longest relationship as a friend - and I love him. He was so happy to hear that Mr. T and I were engaged and turns out he's in love too.
I had the best time catching up with him, and if we wind up having a decent sized wedding he's got to come and bring his girl !

Tonight I am going to surprise T with dinner.
I cook, but havent for maybe a week or so ? So tonight we are having:
Jamie Oliver's Chicken Caccitore Hunter's stew (subbing out rosemary for fresh basil - T HATES ROSEMARY)
Red Swiss chard tossed in lemon and olive oil & Ciabatta Rolls :)

Padma Lakshmi was on a different episode and I made her soup and salad. MMM
I may have to pick up her 1st book for more ideas...

T has the Myth Tv Box tape Martha Stewart for me and Jamie was on last week.
I really enjoy how cute he is and who doesnt love an accent ?
I'm a sucker for cooking shows ;)

Feeling good and trying to gather everything together for our 1st Thanksgiving with my and T's 'rents & my soon to be brother -in - law Ray :)
I sent out an email to a whole bunch of friends to let them know we are engaged and I would love to share the replies Just for fun


Congratz D, LOL poor T can he really be ready for you ??!!

Holly shit!!!


Details pleaseā€¦

When is the big day?

Love you,


By the way we should talk i never hear from you or t very much anymore...

of course this also means that you are almost my sister.

so yay for that too!


Yay indeed, I gots to check on my chicken ;)
Hope you are all having a beautiful day !

Monday, November 13, 2006

What a weekend !!!!!!!!!

We drove out to to the East Coast to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday and he had no clue we were coming ! I knocked on the door at 11pm and he was so excited to see us ^_^. Well once he knew it was us ;) My mom was in on the whole thing ;)

Saturday we went to a cousin's 90th birthday party and my grandmother was such a nasty bitch, especially to my mom ( in the car to and from) that I truly think I may never reach out to speak to her ever again.

Saturday night we went out and surprised my father to dinner at a restaurant named Brooks, which is a fine dining establishment that serves decadent fare.
*I had a small ratatouile, real caesar salad with smoked salmon, chilean sea bass with pineapple red pepper chutney and lemongrass cream over jasmine rice, and Grand Marnier souffle' for dessert.* They brought long stemmed red roses for the table, and everything was just lovely. I made a water glass toast to my parents and T explaining how happy I was that we all were together to celebrate my dad's birthday and all of a sudden, T drops on one knee in front of me and I said, "No ?!" and he said, "Yes !"
He said he was in love with me from when we first met and that his heart couldn't allow him to tell me all the reasons and things he knows why he is in love with me. Then he said he was ready to begin our life together and pulls out the ring !
I said YES !!! I couldnt believe how overwhelmed with love and excitement that moment had created and I couldnt stop kissing him and he was shaking all over.
Then out of nowhere the waiter came over and presented a bottle of Veuve Cliquot - my favorite champagne for us to celebrate the engagement ! I didnt know that T had called the restaurant ahead of time to arrange the champagne and neither did my parents ! That little sneak ! But it was so unbelievably special ^_^

The wait is OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday - my mom threw together an elegant engagement brunch with bagels and lox and mango sangria and we also had our cousins Richard and Marlena over..Quite possibly the most lovely people on my dad's side of the family.. Really they are much older, I'd rather call them Aunt and Uncle, but I really enjoyed seeing them. It was a terrific brunch and we spent the afternoon looking at photos and chatting until we had to drive back to our side of the state.

Even sweeter, was on the way home T says to me - "You know, that isn't a threat on your finger...We are really gonna do this...."

I said it at dinner and I'll say it again. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

(T dont be mad that I put a pic up ;))

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OMFG !Twilight Singers ROCKED MY WORLD TONIGHT !!!!!!
Here's a taste of the sexiness...and Mr. T is totyally laughing at me for loving on it so much...."Oh now you are VLOGGING ?"
He's lucky I bought his skinny ass a ticket ;)

Peep it
Greg Dulli and Mark Lannegan will rock my knickers forever.
They played their asses off and Greg jumped up from the piano and danced then threw himself on his knees. T denies it but Greg and I locked eyes and nodded smiling to eachother. it was a rockstar eye contact moment. Believe it or not - it wasnt the alcohol. IT HAPPENED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight was the greatest night since my birthday.. Even better than getting the job.
Even better than getting fired.
They even covered I'm on Fire by Bruce Springsteen....
They could sing What the world needs now and my hips would quiver !
HOORAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus it was a nonsmoking venue. more shows to come !!
Oh I love, love, love Greg Dulli !

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Funny cat jump

This is the funniest thing I have seen in forever.
Perhaps it's because it looks like Lily and i am the meanest cat mommy on the planet.....
Enjoy - because after the millionth time IT'S STILL FUNNY !

Monday, November 06, 2006

I must be lonely or something...


Started today. How long will it take me to make this sweater ?
I have no idea, but if wishes come true I hope it gets cold just as I finish it and before I do, i'll have a rock to snag it with on my left hand.

Knitty, I may have to be withholding -_*
Foodie ? Me ?

Last night T made blue box mac & cheese and scoffed at me for putting paprika, tumeric and black pepper on it...

He basically said I was killing mac & cheese.

I like some spice, and the Indian woman who taught an Ayurvedic Benefit class (I made him go to with me) said you can never have enough Tumeric...

"She said ALL Indian spices were good for you - but Oregano ! Not so much..."

He's just a grouch. I like it with spices, and who is he to be all snotty ?
He made it in the microwave !!!!!

(I think I win this one ;) )

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Welcome Wes Kennedy Wheeler !!!!

Erin & Eric finally had their baby on friday !
T & I went to see them yesterday and I cried in less than 2 minutes of seeing him. He's the sweetest, cutest little thing you've ever seen.
I will admit I was afraid to touch him he looked so fragile !
6 pounds and 2 epidurals - no doula.

Erin had arranged to do a natural child birth and the doula totally didnt make it on time. Plus she promised to tell me what the pain was like and she said it was like a ton of little midgets stabbing her with scalpels. So now you know.

He was totally worth it, and T got a bit misty too...he told me later ^_^

News about me ;)

I ripped out the sweater.
Totally redoing it with a pullover style and attempting a relief style skull pattern on the front ;)

Bucked up and bought 3 suits and a pair of slacks all Issac Mizrahi from Target.
I really wanted some new clothes to go with the new job, and a haircut may be in the works...

Had delicious dinner with 3 gorgeous gay men and T - E^2 was supposed to be there, but having baby took precedent...and I had a mini pumpkin stuffed with wild rice and lobster !! So yummy ! and way too much Shiraz.....

Lucky me, I think I may have persuaded Pencil Skirt to come over so I can spoil her and make lunch for a girlfriend afternoon !

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend !

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Oh the wait is over !

I was accepted !!!!! I don't start working for 3-4 weeks, but I got it !
Last night Mr. T and I met up with Eric, a very pregnant Erin, and Rick to celebrate with Indian Food at Taj. The waiter was horrible and totally didn't listen when we asked for seperate checks, and lets just say his tip went down for not clearing the dirty dishes. I hate that, especially since I have waited tables for many years, YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE ! YOUR $ DEPENDS ON IT !!!!

Also in social and out of the house news, T and I went to see "Science of Sleep" finally. I love Gondry's style, he has such a knack for creating touching and beautiful movies - his visual style is really something fresh, yet "homagy". I say this because there was some wonderful set design, and definite influences of Svankmeyer as far as the stop motion animation. Indeed it is very dreamlike, and the charaters are likeable, but as T said it's uneven. My only conclusion is that its' flow is mimicing the unpredictable and unrealistic quality that a dream can take. I could go into the one that woke me up this morning so early, but I wont. Let's just say that if you are dealing with anything "yogurt sensitive " at the post office, it's gonna cost you.

In engagement pressure, we are going to see my rents on the weekend of the 11th, and my mom already told T she wants to see the diamond LOL ! So the pressure is on...
I think as long as he says something beautiful and heartfelt, that is all that needs to happen. Besides booking an organ grinder is probably hard work, and even more difficult to snag Tom Waits...He's a very busy man...
I promise I haven't looked in that box in almost 3 whole weeks ! but I want to....
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