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Saturday, December 23, 2006

So Hannukah came and went :)
Like all lucky girls who are totally awesome, I got the Tom Waits triple cd set.
Also by request I got the Kinetic personal trainer, tai chi/yoga martial arts workout game for PS2. V. Excited to get in on that action.. to combat any thought of the fat bride crap.

Tonight we went to E^2's mom's house. Lulu had fillet mignon and all kinds of yumminess for us to eat. It was great and I had the right amount.

Wes baby is looking cute as ever and I held him for like an hour just rubbing his belly. Oh he is so cute ! I pinched his cheeks for you ;)

T opened his gifts and loved everything.

I did get a call from my stalker and he wants to talk about a Bulletboys concert that isnt even happening, it's all tactics to get me to call and we havent spoken in 4 years. He calls me every year around this time and I never call back. So sick of him and really wish he would move on.

Tomorrow we go to Eric and Erins to open gifts and drink some more holiday cheer :)
We are bringing brie and grapes and Lactaid ^_^
The only good thing about the holidays is the excuse to party and love one your friends and family.

So go out there and be safe and love somebody !

Best wishes this season to you all...Even the psycho in Texas. Someone go love him and make him forget about me.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Good Grief !

Sorry I havent written to tell about the new job, but it's a whirlwind.
I have been shocked into submission I think.
No one has trained me on anything, but I have my own office where I can shut the door, and the desk movers called me "Miss" and noticed my ring while flirting. (That was the best part so far.) My 1st day i was sat with a girl who was fired (she wasnt in the same division program as mine..Once I make it past 6 months, I am a permanent state employee) & will always have a job ! crazy system ! but that part is great.
Well this woman told me all the negative stuff in the world, and the woman I thought was my supervisor is now my coworker in the program. She is really sweet and even gave me a holiday gift ! She has alot of drama with the director of the department and told me the most insane stuff...and now that I think of it, I will never be able to blog at work. EVER !

Point blank it's a gossip mill from my 1st impression and after hearing all the soap opera drama, frankly i almost said screw this I dont want to work here.
Yesterday was better I guess, but I still havent been trained on anything, so all I do is waste time all day and try to read as many manuals as possible to orient myself with what is going on. I have memorized over 15 names of people I met for 10 seconds, and I actually made a friendly aquaintence with the girl who sits in the office next to me. This girl actually had something positive to say and said she really likes the job, doesnt get near the drama, and that I just had a bad 1st day.
I am not there to make friends, but only to make my $ and have a decent relationship work-wise with everyone.
My 20 minute talk with that girl helped me get over the fact that the holidays are the wrong time to start this job, and that besides the fact that even getting my payroll papers and orientation in are taking way too long, I should just sit there and "work" because I finally have somewhere to be.

My favorite part of the whole experience so far is listening to NPR on the way in to work, and that I am gonna finish my last xmas scarf today while I am there ^_^

Oh yeah and there's a lady there who crochets ! I spoke with her yesterday and she's working on a Red Heart Afghan ! In the office ! SO I guess, it will be ok.
We'll see.

Rahime, come on down, I'll save you some beet salad ;)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tomorrow I start the new job.

I'd be silly not to admit I am so nervous and excited about it, I am beside myself.
I've spent most of the day nervously puttering around the kitchen cooking and making things to keep my mind busy. Roasted beet salad with toasted walnuts and blue cheese crumbles with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing, potato salad with garlic aoili, roasted onion and flat leaf parsley. I made a great salad for work tomorrow and added chicken and sweet potato cubes to it, and made a dish of sliced strawberries.

I painted my nails, and have been contemplating what outfit I will wear for my 1st day.

I have to get up at 6 and leave by 7.
I did a test run last thursday to test out the traffic and buy a parking pass ahead of time. Obsessive ? Yeah a little bit, I have 12 miles to get there, where as my last job was 10 minutes away. Plus I have to dress up, and I didnt have to before....
Good stuff - I feel time slipping away and thrusting me at the newness of it all full speed ahead !

Tomorrow I will certainly have an update !

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


My life will finally be stable again...
People, you have no idea what a relief this is to me.
There's a spring in my step and I have been grinning and wrapping presents all morning.

Yesterday I met up with an old friend and turns out she is 9 months pregnant !
Today I am going to visit Erin and Wes..

In my circle of friends, I am the last to get married, and now the bitches are all surrounding me with babies ^_^
Oh well, I still haven't gotten a puppy yet...
Here's a pic of the tree I got for the fiancee'.

Monday, December 11, 2006

If anybody’s telling me what I should do, then you’ve got to really convince me that it’s worth doing. - Matt Stone

T just sent me this amazing interview with the guys from South Park, and if you need something great to read this is the article.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone on liberals, conservatives, censorship, and religion.

I really have to say I think this country is going backward.
Last night we went out in a date to see Borat - and I laughed the death rattle laugh..
Loved it, and of course they made fun of the Evangelicals.
Sometimes I really wonder if these people speaking in tongues and saying that Harry potter is a Warlock and an agent of the devil are for real.
This also bleeds into my hatred for all things bible thumping in today's reality.

I digress, as we were walking down our OWN steps, I saw two pamphlets for some Healthy Living the christ way and I threw them into the street.

Forgive the rant, I dont mean disrespect, but I am tired of hearing all these pushy people talk about a zombie carpenter who will save my soul.
I believe in nothing but myself.

Plus HUGE Kudos to SNL for making a great parody of the New Mel Gibson film saying that the Jews were the ones who killed the Aztecs. I laughed so hard I think a little pee came out.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Having strange dreams...
Randy Quaid reprising his role in parents yelling at me that I didnt hammer the wood strip in the attic down well enough
Dennis Leary cheating on Olivia Newton John
T cheating on me with a a girl from top model

I wake up to have the same crap racing through my head while laughing at how ridiculous my dreams are all the time..

*when am I gonna start working already ?
*oh god I spent way too much money on xmas and it's not even my holiday
*everyone better LOVE WHAT I GOT THEM
*maybe trim-spa isnt truly speed (no one likes a fat bride, Dan-yell)..thx mom
*maybe I really NEED sleeping pills..went to sleep at two woke up around 9...cant go to bed early to save my life...

Wipe the slate clean and chill.
Today is a new day.
One scarf to finish, and one to go. Damn my hands...
I am so bored with waiting for a schedule to start......
oh great. I go to get coffee and one of the cats did the butt scoot on the kitchen floor.

Good Times.
At least I scored two awesome sweaters at the Thrift yesterday, T bought me a pair of cozy fleece pj's to stay warm, and we watched Nathan Barley from Britain. Oh man would I love a vacation in England...Or anywhere really...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh so much better !

My goodness, being sick for a week was the pits. It turned out that from what was a cold became a sinus infestation. The headaches are gone, and my sinuses are normal again. THANK GOODNESS !

Yesterday T and I became members of the local zoo.
The year before, we were members of the local aquarium, and I really think it's a great thing to support your local attractions when they help benefit wildlife and support learning programs for kids. It seems that some how kids are missing the appreciation for all things nature like kids did when I was little. I mean, yeah we rock the Wii and T is all about saving the land from twilight & helping princess Zelda, but nothing beats seeing elephants and monkeys IRL.
(and you can go for free all year long if you want to !)

I still have some xmas gifts to fix for the gentiles I love ;) and my hands have been hurting...actually my thumb is really sore and I'm scared I may have arthritis. I am still waiting for my start date, and health insurance....So i can ask my Dr. to do some xrays and stuff. For f***k's sake, the state takes forever to do anything ! I am going to be a shining star once I get back to work. Results are needed !!

Without further ado, here's some zoo pics...I even got T to go and see the manatees - and he hates them ! "ucch they are so disgusting", "nature's mistakes" LOL

Today I am going to catch up with laundry, plant the tulips I was given for Hannukah last year, and maybe ddr it up a bit after some Wii Tennis and Bowling. I am back into exercise and working the winter coat off. I gotta look good next year on 11/11/07 for our wedding ^_^ !!
Kathy I had to post some flamingoes and our Komodo dragon for you ;)
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