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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Really ?

I spent my day yesterday in Pep Boys Purgatory while my master cylinder, brakes and other little things were fixed on the truck. The good thing is that I brought my socks and my Nintendo DS to play some Brain Games and Super Mario. I think I finished them !!
(the socks)
I was going to do them all the way up to my knee, but I am reconsidering, because I have some more sock yarn to stash bust...and the drive to make my 1st raglan cardigan.
But as usual, people wanna see the progress, and so did Norman. He's so supportive of my knitting - and Mr. T - who volunteered his hands to hold my yarn so the skeins wouldnt get twisted as I knit last night.

I am so sick of being unemployed.
I can't stand it.
I am ready for a call and an interview already.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I get showered and ready to go do everything I need to do today.
I get in my truck, back out of the driveway, and step on my brakes and my foot goes to the floor and it's still rolling !!
I flipped out, managed to get the truck back into the driveway and called Mr. T.
Yeah I didnt get to go anywhere, or do anything on my list.

Never in my life has this happened, and I am so glad I didnt hurt anyone with no braking power at all in my vehicle.

Still feeling excited for the arrival and readiness of my ring - and enjoying all the ways Mr. T is joking that he will propose.

My #1 pick is for a Man with an organgrinder and a monkey in a little vest to approach me and it turn out to be Tom Waits, who asks me to look at Mr. T because he has something important to ask me. T drops to his knees, and says something beautiful about how much he loves me, and then pulls out the box, opens it and asks. After I say yes, Tom sings and grinds "Jersey Girl" as I slow dance with my guy really close..

Tom Waits, I'll be looking for you - don't think you aren't expected and warned !!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

OMFG !!!!
We got a ring !!

I have never been in a relationship where it was REALLY going somewhere before, but yesterday we went to this highly recommended jeweler and we picked my ring !!!
Mr. T looked at me and said that is the one, you want it too right ??

I stole some snaps in the store ^_^
It will be ready in less than 2 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it out !!!!!

It's really happening ! I am going to get married !!!!

Now all I have to do is wait for Mr.T to ask me ;)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Short Row Heel Hell.

Oh yeah I am in it. Let me just say I did the short row 10 times on my 1st pair of socks, and they aren't perfect. I figured fuck it ! The heels are in my shoes and it doesnt matter.

Well, this is my second pair and the short row HOLES are not part of my pattern damnit ! The green string is my life line. The holes are not part of the pattern. So I'm going to rip it and hopefully this diagram I found will help the holes disappear. The funny thing is, I can do the 1st 1/2 of the heel perfectly, the second half where you lift the wrap apparently was the issue. (only one row of holes, not 2 ;))

Link to illustration - Hopefully this will help us all ! just in case it doesnt work.

Also with the wonderful opinion of Knittykat, I did the lining for my Noni bag !
Today I am going to get the clacky handles from the yarn store, finish the flowers, and send out the next few Uni applications.
Check out this pimpness,and I just want to say hand sewing sucks just as much as joining seams to finish your knitting.

Lastly for my special guy, I did another finger tube.
The Knucks will be finished before I try to make my 1st sweater.
Hooray it's Thursday, and no longer payday.

One day closer to going ring shopping :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"I'm about to whip somebody's Asssssss"

Ok, Mr. T loves the Ze Frank Show... I knew of Ze a while back and haven't unveiled my power move yet, but I must say last night's viewing made my day. A man named Ray made up a song to cheer up his daughter and now has created my new cell phone ring, and I cant wait for someone to call.

Check it out ;)
  • Ze Frank's Mp3 Submission Page

    In unemployed news I sent out a bunch of applications yesterday and am feeling optimistic about it ^_^

    I feel happy today - So I hope everyone else reading feels the same, or at least enjoyed the Mp3..Coz that shit is hilarious.

    I am going for the heel and hopefully finishing the Noni lining today as well. I need a FO ! Pics to follow soon I hope :)
    In the meantime, here's a pic of Moses lounging by the basil on the back porch, and a tigerlilly that is growing out of nowhere in the front yard :)

  • Monday, September 18, 2006

    Saturday :)

    This saturday coming up Mr. T and I are going to look at engagement ring settings and he just said platinum is fine with him. I have never imagined I would own anything jeweled with platinum, but for some reason this makes the whole ring thing seem more special. He asked if that is what I needed. Honestly I don't need it, but from what everyone says - it will last longer and not get dinged and scratched and crappy looking. I like the idea of it being perfect over the course of time, kinda like how our relationship feels to me.

    I dont really know what else to say about it, other than I really feel cared for and loved. I have giant butterflies just thinking about it dancing around in my stomach ^_^

    No really, it has nothing to do with the coffee !

    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    dani --


    A new position involving a machete

    'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at

    Good Stuff....
    This weekend has been really both disturbing and then beautiful.
    Someone likes me, but thinks my "people" are cheap. Thanks for letting me know.
    In front of everyone.

    So Saturday, Mr. T and I went tubing with the Suders clan at Ginnie Springs and it was the antedote for all my pissed-offed-ness.
    We laughed and floated and joked about everyone peeing in the water once we floated into the river. I have gone tubing many years ago with Joanna and her family, and on the Delaware River as a kid, but yesterday was the most amazing day I have ever had outdoors that I can remember.

    The sky had billowing yet fluffy clouds, that slowly shifted and danced in front of the sun. The rays coming down warmed my skin as I lay on the tube with my hands, feet and tush dangling into the cool water. Turtles sunning themselves paid no mind to us lazily floating past on out rented pink and blue donut shaped rafts. Green and exposed rooted trees lined the banks showing years worth of watching the generations of tubers, swimmers and scuba divers returning for a cool oasis from the noise and bustle of modern life.

    Last night I laid in bed with my eyes closed, waiting to fall asleep - I could still feel the gentle rocking of the inner tube. I want to go back and do it all over again.

    About a finger's worth more of knitting on my socks and I am turning the heel !
    Yeah had to mention the knitting.

    We woke up, showered and ate at IHOP. Mr. T is passed out due to lingonberry pancake lethargy.
    I figured all was quiet so I could blog a little.
    So no sparklies yet my dearies ! But the diamonds took a trip out of the house for pancakes, does that count ?

    Friday, September 15, 2006

    Socks & Chibi
    Ok I had to show off, because no one wants to see bruises from yardwork.
    As usual, some pj pants in the photo. This is my fave pair, and I could wear them all day, but I won't.

    I have send out a few uni packets this week and I am going to Kinko's to make some more copies of resumes and stuff for my job search. I almost feel like a sperm trying to break into the State School System egg.

    Anyway, I was doing some thinking while having the chills and sweats myself, because some cute boy who lives here gave me his illness...

    Meanwhile, I doubt there is going to be a party, so maybe I can get Mr. T to let me throw one here. Replete with costumes and scary movies and drinks & stuff.
    We were watching the William Shatner roast last night and all I could think was I wanna be a space alien diva. Paint my body green, make big doe eyes and false lashes and a sequin outfit. Big red lips, and sassy shoes....Oh yeah I could totally rock that. Wonderwoman would be great, but I dont feel that I am ready for all that polyester.

    In mild little cranky bursts I am pissed with a british knitter.
    Pissed only because she knits like a demon and once in a while she posts a pic of something and doesnt hint as to when or if a pattern is on it's way.
    Not that all patterns are perfect, but these socks are so fucking cute, I just want to know how to make the knots, so I can make up my own pattern already. Or I could just shut up and pull out my stitch dictionary.
    ok, so look-it.....

    I also want to give a shout out to Neurochic - I really loved your socks, they look perfect and the picot edge has me lusting to finish my red ones and do that sweet, petit edge just like you. I am SO GOING TO COPY YOU. Plus, I will totally beat the tar out of the worthless piece of garbage that made you feel crappy in August.
    I think you rock and I hate him.

    But the award for the lead pipe to the throat goes to my obnoxious neighbors who do not know the definition of the words "polite, considerate, or quiet".
    For the past 10 minutes the daughter in law has been honking the horn and sitting in front of the house next door. I just opened the door and shouted out at them to get out of the fucking car and quit honking the fucking horn.

    Now that I am about to have a coronary, since the organic peruvian coffee was so strong, I am going to try and relax and get my To Do List done.

    Tomorrow I am heading to Ginny Springs to go tubing with friends, and if Mr. T meant it - looking at jewelers to make my engagement ring Sunday !!!!!

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    dreamt i was knitting all night,and shopping and eating pastries with my mom at bloomingdales.
    So sad really, I'd be turning the heel already on my socks. woke up and stared at the ceiling and could swear all i saw was eyelets.

    so tired, so tired, dont ask why I am not back in bed. gotta go out and look at the green. it's raining, and i am scared i have Tyson's flu.
    oh yeah and the fabulous MAC party is tonight. sooooo not feeling like going.
    Tyson is still sick and I hope he is writing his boss he's skipping work to lay in bed all day again.... I wish I was, but I have shit to do.
    Plus a huge stack of pretyped applications to send sometime today for jobs at the university...


    6 rows of eyelets - done !~!

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006


    Today I took care of Tyson. he woke up shaking and with nightsweats, I was so scared i just did what anyone would do. Cold compresses, aspirin, washcloth, blankets. He has the flu. Despite being up till 3 am, he was sick alright. He told me while I was out to get him a copy of a Big Asses magazine. Preferably one of jewish girls with big asses, one called Tuchas. Oh I love that guy.

    He has no idea I went to like 6 or 7 gas stations in the ghetto to get him one. My old gas station where I bought 2 packs of cigarettes every other day - the guy who sold me cigarettes helped me pick out the magazine I brought home. I am the greatest girlfriend in the world LOL !

    Ok so I did go to the foot doctor finally, and decided to get fabric for my Noni and I also splurged and got a CHIBI CASE ! No pics because the batteries are dead, but it's clear green with opaque tip and cap. I love it and yes I am copying Knittykat. I needed a little something to make me feel special today. So my 4 bucks went a long way. Now all I need are those glittery crochet hooks and some one pound to start a afghan for the living room (Burgundy and Pale Aqua) But not anytime soon.

    Erin's baby is fine, and I am relieved. Shame on the hospital for making her worry !
    I am up to 3 rows of eyelets on my Mata Hari Socks and I cannot wait to do another pair experimenting with the YO eyelet idea ! I love that the pattern actually adds and takes away a stitch. Something as simple as YO,K2TOG is super exciting. It means no more plain projects. Next up....Feather and Fan ! (no way)

    Big Hugs to everyone :)

    goodnight ^_^

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006


    So I made a new G* account...and my socks are calling me from the other room to get off my ass and come work on them. Procrastination is the name of the game today.
    Just found out that Ruggedchick put her dog down.... So many words to say, but I think I'll just keep them inside. She knows.....

    SO how many jobs does it take to complete a claim for two weeks of searching ? This is the magic question. I guess it doesn't matter because i am going to apply to as many as possible.

    Today's accomplishments:

    *Made work plan
    *Cleaned litterbox
    *Ate 2 skinny cow flying saucers
    *Got G* account set up, Hello Lucimama ;)
    *Resisting sock knitting at all costs even though that would make me happiest at this moment.....

    Plans to go to yoga at 5pm, because that is what I need.

    Oh so exciting......

    Monday, September 11, 2006

    Filed for unemployment again.
    It's ironic really, considering today is 9/11/06, and I lost my insurance business and filed for unemployment in 2001 right around this same time. It's strange that I fill out job applications and have to write down, "loss of sales and prospects due to 9/11 tragedy."

    But here it is again.

    The clock radio woke me up for work, with the news on NPR that the 1st plane hit the World Trade Center, and I immediately turned on the tv and called my father. He didn't believe me, and I screamed at him to turn on his tv, and we watched the 2nd plane crash into tower 2 together. My great aunt watched it happen from her bedroom window in Beechhurst. My cousin was trapped in the subway, and we couldnt reach anyone in the city. I spent the entire day crying and watching the news in bed with a bunch of my friends, all clutching one another and chainsmoking. I couldn't make a single appointment, because no one wanted to buy health insurance - because acts of war are not a covered expense on ANY policy. Feel free to read your policy, it's in there buried in the exclusions pages.

    Like I did 5 years ago, I sat at my computer in my pajamas & ponytail to fill out my unemployment forms. Happy Anniversary America ! Dubya, Rummy and Cheney are still screwing it up and now Al Qaida wants to fuck with your Democracy of Arabs and Israel. Blair is quitting because the people hate his ass too. Thank you for fucking up our country and making it virtually impossible for me not to be afraid to visit all the countries I dreamed of visiting as a child. I spent 100 bucks on a passport that may not take me anywhere.

    The difference is that now I'm an adult, I havent had a cigarette in 3 years this friday approaching, I'm madly in love with the greatest man I've ever met, and I have a plan to better my life, despite being laid off the Monday after my 32nd birthday. So for me personally all is not lost. Plus, I can knit - and that seems to end all stress for the most part...

    Hug and kiss someone you love. I gotta call my Aunt Harriet.

    Sunday, September 10, 2006

    A Lovely Weekend During Cranberry Season... *sigh*

    What a terrific weekend of laughter, love, & of course Knitting.
    We watched the rest of season 3 of Rescue Me, and I am so sad it's over. We also watched La Bete' by Walerian Borowzyck sp ? (V. Dirty !!!) & Even Dwarves Started Small by Werner Hertzog... Yeah midgets, shouting in German - I laughed my ass off.

    Lucky me, I got to felt the big Noni on friday night in between episodes, and I dont think it can get any smaller :) I bought some plastic needlepoint sheets and am planning a sewn in lining - Mercy ! I suck at sewing, but it has to be done. Otherwise the bag will be a floppy old thing.

    I also started my second pair of socks and it's going fast and way easier than the 1st pair. I wonder if I'll wind up with a sidebar widget that counts how many I have done.
    It's been a weekend of romance and snuggling aside from the midgets, and somehow my knitting is really speeding along. I am inspired and calmed by it. Now that tomorrow is Monday, I am going to be MAILING my Usf applications. Lesson learned. Plus a visit tomorrow to the foot doctor - JOY ! and if I can find the time, applying for unemployment, just in case I'll need it.

    And now for Dessert....The socks are red, not pink...Fyi ^_^

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    It's amazing what a new day & Lorna's Laces can do for you.

    Yeah I was a bit depressed yesterday, but with the advice and good energy from my friends I have turned it around. The job at the University idea really makes sense, and something in my gut tells me this is what I need to do.
    This afternoon I pulled it together and went to Kinko's and I have 5 applications on the table to fill out as my ticket for a change.

    Plus, if the lightning and thunder of the afternoon doesn't fry the house, I am felting that damn Noni, sans flowers at this point in time.
    The Mata Hari pattern is calling me. It's time for some socks and that yummy Lorna's from Knittykat must be dealt with.

    Peep it, isnt that divine ??? It's the 1st popular name brand yarn that I will be using.
    Just the yarnin' pick up I needed too :)

    Screw the Knucks for now, I want new socks...and before long, I can tote 'em around in my Noni.. Now doesn't that sound rude !!! ^_^

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    How did you know ?

    I am faced with the option to totally change my life at this point.
    The hardest question I've ever needed to answer is:
    What do I want to do ?

    I haven't a clue. In high school they tell you to figure out what you want to do with your life in order to map out a course of study.
    I just wanted to be an artist. No math required.
    Now, after being an Accounts Receivable Clerk for well over a year - I dont think I am in a super hurry to continue doing that.

    The question is, what is the motivation or spark that gives people that - "I wanna be a fireman" thing ?

    In my case, not knowing makes me only care about how much money I'd be making and no consideration for what the work is. It's been that way since I was 16, when I got my 1st worker's permit.

    Logically I am going to have to take a paycut, which will hurt.
    But upon the suggestion of a friend, I think that applying for a secretarial position at the local university (that offers free-ish tuition and a pension if I stay is the way to go.) After 90 days in the system you can ascend the ranks by applying for other jobs in the internal university system for more money.

    My mother suggests being a Dental Hygenist so I can make 53 - 68,000.00 a year.
    The money sounds great, but will I have to help deliver pain in the most hated profession ? How many dentists kill themselves ?
    Hygenists don't get that stigma as much do they ? Do you like yours ?
    The last one I saw was very nice, but she still hurt me a little. I wonder how they train for that. Will my boss be indian ? Will his wife take the time to teach me the secrets of Saag Paneer ?

    The problem is that I am going through an ADD of sorts. From the second of consciousness I'm trying to solve the problem of unemployment and how to get more money. Am I alone on this ?

    Bagel counter clerk, Dry Cleaner Clerk x 2, Movie Store Clerk x 2, Music Store Clerk, Retail Clothing clerk x 3, Server x 5, Bartender x 2, Hostess, Insurance saleswoman, Travel Agent, Call Center Rep x 3, Pier one Assistant Manager, Video Editor, Media Department Assistant, Receptionist, Accounts Recivable Clerk, Office Administrator, Landscaper/Raking Crew

    That's just a bunch of things I've done. There's still room for gravedigger.

    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    What's a knitta to do ? Wear a gigantic stripey Noni on her head.

    I did what anyone would do in my situation over a long weekend.
    Sulked and grabbed some needles and hooks. It was like Hellraiser with yarn ^_^.
    I grabbed the green and purple sugar and cream and made a double strand wash cloth, after I finished the noni body and began the first flower.
    Check it ;)
    The only problem is the directions to finish the flower. I am stuck.
    Supposedly your leap frog the stitches over eachother to make the bobble ?
    Knitty ? Kneesocky ? You ladies know what the heck that is supposed to go like ?

    I'll be here all day, reading classifieds, Craigslist, and appling for Unemployment. Hopefully I will be able to score the interview with the fax I sent last week, and yes - I WILL be Following up ;)
    Wish me luck ! Or a broken leg. Whatever works, I'm not Superstitious.

    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    To Quote my Dad, "What a bunch of Shits !"...

    So yeah, after saying my minimum salary requirement must be $15 bucks an hour, I get an asshat response, "She was thinking 3 bucks less than that. I'll get back to you Wednesday with a final response."

    I am landscaping again on Wednesday - AND they can kiss my Russian-Jewish ass.
    How insulting huh ? Oh I'll let them know they wasted my time alright, I have plans for them , My pretties..

    Well besides the fact that I got a ton of clothes and an amazing Issac Mizrahi Suit - I got a new wardrobe from my girlfriend Noel who just lost a gazillion pounds and is wearing a size 5 jeans (mercy ! she was like 250 pounds !) - I consulted with Tyson, and he said I should go ahead and buy myself a new pair of shoes.
    A) Make myself feel better, because hey - what girl doesnt love a new pair of shoes ?
    B) My dress shoes I wear with my suit seem to be having a heel separation thing....
    C) He loves me and said the other day he has full confidence in me.

    Who can argue with that ?
    So yeah I bought some shoes.

    I'm really so disappointed in those people, and especially to be led on by them for two weeks ! I could have been interviewing elsewhere ! F!@#$%K !!

    There is a silver lining though. Noel also faxed a resume for me to a insurance office..jingle" HMMM HMM HMM On your SIDE !!"
    Anyway I was highly recommended as mentioned by the lovely Ms. Sharon, and lucky me, people really adore and respect her. She uptalked me to them and they actually called me to let me know my resume was received and given to the department head.
    If I get this, and I can talk them up a bit in hourly, I could get a newer car.
    Can you say hello silver SCION ? I WANT that car.

    Maybe things happen for a reason.
    I hope this is one of those instances.
    Fingers crossed !

    The Noni is back on track, and I will hopefully be felting that bad boy by the end of the weekend.

    I feel like Mammy Jane.
    *I made some coffee
    *The lingerie is washed and dominating the shower
    *The dishwasher is running
    *There's a load of wash tumbling in the dryer
    *The living room is straightened up
    *The kitchen sink is empty

    I've been a cleaning fool !
    Now if the thunder stops, I may go outside and pull out all the grass growing in the mulch.
    No, I am not on drugs.
    Tyson's working on his new car with his Dad, and I have the house to myself and somehow I am motivated.
    At least I am not spending more money that I'm not making.

    I think my cell was ringing, maybe it's Pencil Skirt and we can lunch it !!

    Happy Saturday !

    Friday, September 01, 2006

    Everyone needs a friend.....

    Someone to keep you company while you feel lonely or upset...or when you have been almost living in your pink and brown pj pants...Someone who doesnt mind how bad your hair looks and whether or not you have showered...

    Nini, aka Lily Monster has been that friend.
    She doesn't act bitey when she knows i'm upset about something.
    So here's to my bitch cat - who hates everyone but me and Mr. T.

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