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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I present.....Bobbilicious

Started in 2006, and finished tonight. I dont know why I waited so long, but finishing these projects is really kinda healing for me right now.

The chevron scarf has been restarted and looks great.
I'll post more tomorrow, I really need to go to bed.
T got a nice raise today and I am so proud of him for negotiating for even more $$$!

I visited Norman, he's a bit doped up, but seemed v. happy that I came by to stroke under his chin for him.. The cone seemed to get in his way (poor baby).
Fingers-Crossed that hopefully he can come home tomorrow..

good night.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Norman is in the hospital.
Today I got up after tossing and turning all night worrying about him, and took him in to the vet. He has a condition that creates crystals in his urethra and blocks him from making a sissy (urinating) . This condition is very painful and extremely costly.
5 years ago when he 1st was blocked it cost $500 to fix him up and get him on a Rx diet.
Today I was told the cost is up to $1,400.00. I just slapped down my Amex and paid.
They called at 5 to tell me he doesn't have kidney stones, his bladder is draining and he is doing better than expected. Hopefully he will be home before Saturday so it will mean a small refund, which would be awesome.
My poor little sugar cookie, he was so scared and uncomfortable, and thank goodness he will be okay. Thank goodness for Dr. Simon, who is the best vet ever & the cat doctor staff who love Norman & are looking out for his recovery.

In other news, someone came to check out the truck and made me believe they wanted it and it seems they changed their mind, which stinks. In good yang, T says he wants to split the cost for cleaning Norman up, so in all appearances, the cost is a hundred bucks more than I expected (in theory and positive thinking-IMAGINE THAT!). Plus Lily is doing fantastic, and loving the crap out of her new bed.

In Knitting news, the Bobbilicious needs to be seamed and will be finished!
It's amazing how if you go back to an old project that seemed difficult, it's way easier!
Plus, the chevron head start I thought I had is like hobo vomit.
I like the pattern, and can see how after getting used to it, it'd be a somewhat mindless yet fun knit, but damn I had to go get other yarn. Lucky me, I still had a credit from xmas/channukah at the LYS.
The new colors I have been coveting forever!
Lorna's Laces Vera & Baltic Sea.....and they match my clothes way better. let's hope they work out better. Peep it.

I hope you all are well & taking care of each other tonight.
p.s. Knittykat, the pic of your belly that you sent brought tears to my eyes.
I gotta share it again.
OH! and lastly, I wanted to report that I read
Kings of Infinite Space by James Hynes, which was recommended by famous Seattle Librarian Nancy Pearl on NPR last week.
It was so fantastic, exciting, and scary that I wrote her an email thanking her for the book highlight piece she did, and let her know how much I enjoyed the book.
She wrote me back!! and she THANKED ME for my email, that it had made her day!!
I must say that really gave me a super thrill. Go to your library and grab it for a wild romp, and there's some sex in it too ^_^

Sweet Dreams & Warmth,


Sunday, May 20, 2007

It has been a while, so bigger update!

I figure I haven't been on G* lately (actually in months) but I am hoping the few who check on me would be excited for this post.

Ok, So I went and tried on wedding dresses last weekend when I went to visit my family for Mother's Day....So here's a gratuitous Mae Westy pic.
The woman who was in the shop was like the Rachel Ray of Bridal Gowns. She was louder than me if possible, and hyper like she did a few bumps before we walked in. The whole place stank of the acetone to take off nailpolish from the salon next door. I'm still amazed T didn't have an asthma attack from it. Anyway we tried on a bunch of dresses, and my mom's comments were:
"Those dresses were really extravagant, but it's not going to be that type of wedding".

Now mind you my original plan was to keep it low budget, and only have a few people, and then I kinda complained that I wish that I could get the pretty dress, and then go to New York, and Massachussetts to take the wedding on tour. That way we'd get to travel, and the wedding reception would be extended to other members of the family & friends.
Well wouldn't you know - That is EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE GONNA DO!!!!!!!!!!!

All of a sudden everything fell into place, and I now feel like this wedding thing will be awesome. We start here in hell, and then take the party on the road for cocktails & finger foods and FUN!!! One of my aunts has already volunteered her house & husbands temple (he's a Rabbi) to do New Jersey/New York's party. This is terribly exciting because anyone who knows me knows I love a good party just as much as I love Gin. THAT'S ALOT.

So that is what's up with the wedding stuff.

Also, I decided to join the minions, and make the Chevron Scarf from LMKG, with stash sock yarn that nearly made me cry. (It will felt when you walk in the heat with them.)
Brainlylady - a great blogger from Canada bought the zinnia Knitpicks sock yarn two years ago ? and I adored the colors. Too bad she really doesnt know who I am, but I actually have pics of her cat Mooky in my screensaver because he looks like Lily's cousin :)
This is Mooky ^_^
I'm a cat lady, what can I say?
Lily got a new bed this weekend, but at the minute, she's not in it. Perhaps by the time I get done with this I can snap a pic of her lounging in it.
So yes, The chevron scarf...
Here's the yarn pics:

Somehow I managed to get Knittykat into doing the KAL for the Chevron scarf as well....
Hee hee hee! My evil plan is in motion.....Let's hope mine doesn't look like Rainbow Unicorn Vomit. Someone commented theirs looked like clown vomit, so I had to take it a step further.

So besides ripping out tons of weeds, getting mosquito bites and having vegan vietnamese last night, all is well. Here's Lily in the new bed, and a sneak in of the crocheted beanie I made when we went to the springs ^_^

Have an excellent rest of the weekend! I need COFFEE!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oh wait, What's That ???
That's Right Bitches, I bought my dream car.
and yes it's green.

I have never been so excited about anything EVER.
I cant contain my joy.....
Lookit !

T hasnt heard yet if he has the new job, but tomorrow should be the day.
Work is fun to drive to ;) I throw the top down the second I get in. 3 days and I have a tan LOL !

I've been crocheting and watching everyone have babies :)
Yesterday I took the car to the park and went walking for an hour &1/2 and just grooved for almost 5 miles. That park is the greatest place, it's like going to the zoo and not knowing what kind of animals you are going to see. There are the greatest assortment of dogs there and I yearn to be one of the people with a flashy / fancy/ crafty leash on my cute dog that looks like a cuddly monster.

How cool would that be ?
Oh there she goes, that girl with the monster !

Well we think only the most special pugs, bostons & frenchies are a bit gremlin like.

Life is good.
We are going to a somewhat fancy waterfront brunchy place this weekend to see if we wanna get married there. Quite frankly, I am thinking I'd like to elope and leave the family out.
There is too much stress about my mom wanting to invite who she wants and we want to keep it small and intimate.
I'm trying not to think about it too much.
But I am thinking that a kimono and geta shoes sounds divine ^_^
or a Classic Isaac Mizrahi for Target that I saw in modern Bride.
THEN I think about driving my car out of state for my honeymoon.

Or getting TXRD to roll on skates as my bridesmaids on the Veloway.
(skating the veloway in Austin everyday isnt my current reality since I think we are staying in Florida for now.)

Oh well, gotta check to see if anyone wants to buy my pickup truck. I'm gonna miss it :(

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