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Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh so sick.

I have been home today and just fighting this cold thing. Sweats and whatnot.
Been fadining in and out watching/catching up on movies.
The list so far while being a zombie on the couch has been:

Xmen 3
Brokeback Mountain
Roll Bounce
The Shining
Witches of Eastwick
This has been over the past few days mind you.

Brokeback made me laugh ALOT. Dude, he spits on his hand.
I have been saying that over and over since yesterday.
Too much fun.
Glad I saw it finally.
Viva la cable!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh Henry.....

So last night we met up with my old school friends Jason & Mikey and two new friends and saw some Henry. 2 & 1/2 hours of the hot, animal man - who is now a silver fox ^_^
This is like the 3rd time I've seen him, and this time I didn't slip him a note and a kiss on the neck . Apparently I had caught him way off guard,a bunch of years ago, and I thought he was going smash my face in!Last night he was funny and so on point about the war, not to fear exploration of foreign countries, and just being a person.
Loved the show, although my neck and back hurt today from the mix of beer and sitting for way too long in an uncomfortable seat. TBPAC, get on replacing those $#!t seats!

Afterward catching up over more beer and laughing about old antics, I managed to be awake until 1:30 on a school night. But - when someone who was practically spending every moment of your life with you comes to visit after a long hiatus, you friggin go and stay as long as your body can handle it. I love Jason and Mikey, and I basically threatened to put the shieny curse on them if they didn't come to my wedding ^_^. Two more RSVP'd !

I am tired, and also elated.

In knitting news, my vest is just magically working up fast, and we now have KNITTY GRITTY!
I was having some vegan chocolate orange cake as a prize for an excruciating day at work, and a beer or two to get ready for the show, and Mr. T says,
"The cable was installed today and I subscribed us to get your knitting show Knitty Gritty. There's one in there right now."

I screamed with delight and put it on immediately. In 5 minutes i learned how to carry yarn over so you dont have to weave in the ends after you finish the project!!
Vicki Howell - I love you, love the show and I think you rock it - and hard.
I swear, there is no greater way to say if I wasnt getting married, I'd do something natural and supernatural to that woman in thanks that cant be defined even in the hanky code.

But I decided to thank Mr. T for a wonderful night instead.
I'm going to slip into auto pilot now...

Oh! and dinner at the house with Pencil Skirt on Sunday was kick ass as well.
I love that girl. She gave the sweetest little dainty bracelet! Still wearing it.
It was my massive pleasure to thank her for driving across town with a menu consisting of:

Great Northern Bean Roasted Garlic Soup
Tofu Dill sandwiches on fresh vegan bread
Roasted Seasoned baked fries
and of course
Chocolate Orange Cake with Orange Buttercream

All VWAV. Delicious.
Happy Tuesday ^_^

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Picture Sunday!!

the cake is frosted and in the fridge. chocolate orange cake & orange buttercream icing.

All Vegan!
that's my fitted knits vest in Lion Brand Cotton Ease Taupe. officially started 9/20/07 after swatching ^_^
The cake is ordered!
The skull sweater is done, not blocked - but done.
The back to school vest from Fitted knits is one skein down. Ha ha! Betcha didnt expect that.
It's already 5 inches long into the ribbing and i started it after swatching perfect on the 1st try on Wednesday 9/19/07. It was the 1st time I did the double tail cast on, and I don't think I will ever "purl" cast on ever again. The waistband is so elastic, and I think now that I have accepted my measurements per the bra lady I saw 2 weeks ago it's going to fit rather well.
I am so tired.
I'll post pics tomorrow after I get around to blocking my sweater.

I think Pencil Skirt is coming over, and I am planning on making a vegan layer cake like this from linky

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Invitations went out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 million more things to do!

Norman has a dr appt on saturday, but we are getting the marriage license friday!!!

I'm finally over the freak out of the week ;)

Let's just say a toilet assaulted me and T spent 2 hours cleaning up some $#!t ;)
I laughed for two hours and now I feel way better ;)

Sunday, September 09, 2007

T is still designing the map and direction page.

The invitation process is still in motion. We have a self imposed deadline to get all invitations done and ready to ship by tomorrow night at the airport.
We haven't been able to get it in gear due to waiting for the inlaws to get us addresses for their family.

I was supposed to go to Roller Derby tonight.
We were going to make dinner for Eric & Erin too.

What the heck were we thinking?
Well we are almost on our way to the Kinko's and then back here to stuff envelopes, stick on the stickers and get it together.
We did case out the champagne aisle yesterday when picking up some Spaten.
Maybe when we finish the mailing, we will break it open and test the sample bottle we got ;)

There's way too much to do when making a wedding happen.

I did get my shoes done this week and they will be here this week and ready for dying.

Also, I went to foundations lady and got measured for a merrywidow for under my dress ^_^
Apparently my bust is way bigger than I thought.....
Way.bigger.than.I.could have.guessed.
So the lady also sold me a new bra, which has sparked a lingerie vintage style thing happening around here.
Everything is in process.........

Gotta order a cake, suss out music, pick a hairstyle, and breathe.

Plus my sweater is almost done, and T's scarf is coming along nicely.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Long Weekend!

This weekend was just a bundle of in-laws, sloth, movie watching and knitting!
I divulged the fact that the Chevron Scarf was intended for Mr. T. I got his mom into knitting, yet she has been knitting nothing but scarves for everyone but him.
That's all she makes. I cant understand that, but whatever.

In my knitting news, I have finally let myself peek over the Glampyre's Fitted Knits book. I must admit there's a bunch of things in there I'd like to make. I'm curious as to how they would look on my shape. Being an hourglass girl, it's a tough decision to decide to make your own clothing with not knowing how it will look when you are finished. One example I know many people had an issue with was the Orangina Pattern.
I LOVE that pattern. Would it look good on me? Hell no. Stephanie Japel is a tall slender woman without a gargantuan bosom, what looks fabulous on her, would definitely not on me. But, in her book, I see potential for breaking up the body in sections via her "style". You can determine if she has designed a pattern simply by the placement of ribbing, purl bump looking rows, and certain Alice in Wonderlandy detailing.
In order to make my decision, I was super retentive to see how her designs looked on several people in the flickr pool group.
This is a really great way to see the patterns in action.
I highly recommend giving it a look.
It's interesting to see the details people either left in, or left out of their adaptations of her patterns. In a few, she does a key hole fastened with a button, which I dont like, and thankfully my abilities have grown enough to ignore that part of her pattern.

Things I am interested in making:

Right now I think the ribby sweater would be fun in a lemon yellow.
So that is what I am going to get yarn for and get it moving. It's funny how sometimes my knitting gets derailed, and then I read a book or look at patterns and I get supercharged all over again. I've got plans to finish the skull sweater for real, and have the yellow sweater done before it gets cold enough to wear them here in this hot climated land.
The most interesting thing learned from the flickr pool is that people are making their wardrobe over simply from the patterns in Stephanie's book! That's pretty cool, I am sure she must be incredibly flattered.

This week I am going to have the envelopes done, and order my shoes. The stamps are on the way and the envelope labels are here and beautiful. I have to measure for the tent too - It's happening!

Also, how could I not share this fantabulous sweater shared by Brainylady??
I covet it.

Happy Labor Day!
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