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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

OH HO HO HO !!!!!
Look what came today !!!!!!

Can you say excitement ?
Meanwhile T just got his Pinkie Violence Set and so now it's powerful women kicking ass season in this house.

The job is going well, and I met some v. interesting women who work with students who are deaf and hard of hearing. I really enjoyed listening to them speak about their kids they've taught - plus watching them speak and sign really was impressive.
They even taught me to say "You're Welcome" in sign language ^_^

I am still thinking that I want to explore the Behavioral Disorder Degree..Something still is drawing me to the Anorexics and Bulimics. Somebody has to be strong to help them, I think I could do that. We will see. 1st I need to work at the school for 6 months and earn the right to free credits.

Still no knitting, but I'm exercising on schedule with Ana the trainer in Kinetic.
I think it's 4 pounds possibly more, and my pants are comfortable again.
By the way, if you need new music, my recommendation for the month is :

TV ON THE RADIO !!!!!!!!!!! Return to Cookiemountain is my favorite album of the moment, and I think you all deserve to enjoy it along with me.
Hope you are doing well, I am checking up on your blogs, so tell me interesting things you see, listen or taste !


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Who's the Wii Champion ?

Oh yeah, It's me.
Tennis 770
Bowling 1027 Pro, and I have a glittery blue ball to show for it.
Boxing 702, and T's is 622...If we play eachother, I am gonna whip him like a sock monkey.

4 pounds lost ^_^

Tomorrow morning we are having a sampling of the 1st coffee roast.
Yes Holly, It's very cool. You buy the coffee beans in their fresh dried stage, which is called "green" and you roast them till the second crack. There's alot more to it, but in the end you wind up saving a ton of money on coffee...Well at least if you are us.
We drink a ton of coffee, and have about 4 different ways to make it.
So Peru Norte is the beverage we will imbibe after sleeping in tomorrow.

In happy little news, my orchid is starting to bloom again. Whoever said orchids were difficult, I say Pish Tosh. Keep the soil moist with water and dont give them too much sun.
Plus I have the 1st season of Rollergirls on the way (YESSSS!!!)
and I won this little guy to keep me company at work.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I am still kicking Kinetic Ass.
3 pounds down.
Mr. T is obsessed with roasting green coffee beans, and I am stuck on Roller Derby.
While stalking Stinkerbelle I found a quiz I had to take, and am so tickled black by the results.....

Which fucked-up genius composer are you?

Nick Cave... dark and creepy. You're a bi-polar genius, with equal passion for the most degrading aspects of humanity, as well as the beauty & wonder of God and Heaven.
Take this quiz!

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I am a huge Nick Cave Fan, and am happy to say that he has a permanent picture in my screen saver. *sigh*
In fantasizing of being a derby queen I am thinking my name will be Shame-a Meinala
In yiddish Shayna Meinala means pretty girl (at least how I remember...)
But in this context it means the shame is mine...
I cant help but think of Ricky Roma, " Your excuses are Your Own"... Ah Glenn Gary Glen Ross

Not much else to report.. Feeling sleepy and thank the calendar tomorrow is Friday !!!
I think we are going to see Hard Candy over at Eric and Erin's, and possibly Wii it up.

Hooray Friday !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm a Ninja. I'm like a tiger on the floor....

Yes, I have been exercising, to keep up with my resolution.
My coworker Andrea and I walk at least 15 minutes a day now. Yesterday I rested because my knees hurt me, and I wont go into the terrible things that flash in my mind when I think of knee pain/overweight/stigma crap...
Biofreeze to the rescue and I returned to combat mode gaming and perspired like crazy.

I am also taking on the Wii calorie burner challenge and attempting at least a 1/2 hour a day to see more action to my life.

So off to a good start.
We have been eating somewhat vegan the past few nights thanks to "Christina Cooks".
It's on local channel PBS tv, and she's a Cancer Survivor by eating healthfully.
Anything that can whip Cancer is good enough for me.
Especially since several people have had it in my family....
I actually voluntarily ate quinoa, and back in the day I couldnt stand when my mom made it.. I still draw the line at wheatberries. I EFFIN' HATE THEM and bananas too.
They can go to hell LOL !

So, I know there hasnt been much knitting, but I am going to work my sweater out. I think it's just figuring when to do the side shaping, and where to put the skulls is my main problem.

Bigger latest obsession ?
ROLLER DERBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I so want to be on a team, but fear my shin being shattered and facing a broken leg. Has anyone done this that reads this blog ??

The shin thing is a long story, it involves me in a scandalous outfit during my dark wave in full force days, and a serious tumble in KISS style platform boots. Think shins meet marble steps, face 1st. Those boots are in the corner, I should post a pic to illustrate.
Result, permanent bruise scar and a fluid trapped bubble increased sensitivity on the shin. But oh ! The thrill of roller derby kinda calls me !!!

Long Island Roller Rebels !!

Monday, January 22, 2007


(well everyone else has them, and I've only seen Kneesocky share ;))

*lose weight.
The happy in love pounds have taken over and gaining weight in excess of 23 pounds since T and I got together is no longer acceptable.
I have started my routine yesterday and can already feel my knees paying for the extra pounds. Ultimate goal - possibly 35 pounds (more like 30 really). That was the weight I was when I moved to Florida 15 years ago. That was over weight for me then ! I resolve to do it in a healthy way which means exercising and not quitting or slacking once I can tell it's really working like I have done in the past. I owe it to myself to be happy with how I look in any pictures from the day I get married. Plus, If I get pregnant at this weight I am now, I could have significant heart problems, not to mention increased risk of diabetes, and I dont want the beetis.
This includes portion control, and no more "I deserve one more cocktail, I work hard" mentality.

*save $ for a house

I cannot stand to rent any longer. I deserve some equity, and I already have a small nest egg account started to get to the goal of being a home owner. T says he is saving too ! I hope he really is, because I cant do everything on my own !

I will have a vacation this year.
Not with friends, just me and T - even if it winds up being a night at a local hotel for the weekend. I must have a vacation, and The Swan or Dolphin in Orlando comes to mind. *sigh* a day at a spa would suffice.

*stay positive and less negative
This past year was a roller coaster for sure ! I will try not to hate my neighbors and their noisy mouths, I will try not to think of how great it would be to poison their dog, or wish it gets hit by a car. (I think it's happened already actually ! He chased T last night and he went growling after that little dog. I thought he was limping or holding a leg up....
I love how T will just go rogue and snarl and chase away the mini pin...But if he got hit, I have no sympathy, they let him run all over and not on a leash. It's no wonder he got hurt. People, when necessary discipline and control your dog and YOUR CHILDREN. ( Let me say I love dogs, I really do, but their dogs I DO NOT - and I would never hurt them - EVER)

*no more snoozing
I have been a chronic snooze button addict for 5 years. I mean like snoozing a half to full hour and now T does it in the same fashion. I have to get up before him and leave before him and I decided I was stopping this, and am happy to report after on snooze in the New Year, I actually woke up before the alarm this morning !
So progress ! Going to bed before 11 sucks it, but I have to wake up at 610. That is hell early after waking up at noon or 10 for several months.

So yay ! I am on the road to betterment.

Ok time to finish getting ready for work.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sexy Molassess Vocals Indeed.
I Don't Know Why

I know, trust me, click the button and watch the tingles from Mark Lanegan. (the singer)

I have been listening to him croon sporadically for two days, and I am still turned on.
Enjoy it, and the following eye candy. Instant "re-fan" in a blink of an eye.

I'm a sucker for the pale bad, bad, man.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So Happy.

I got to meet my girls and I made amazing French Onion Soup.
Hooray for the Joy of Cooking and an amazing MLK Day with the fellow crafty girls !!!
Peep It !!

Its Sewfie, Pencil Skirt, Moi, Aryn & Nya :)
We had lunch at Cafe De Siam and I had Tofu Pad Thai & too much coffee ;)
I was hyper and telling stories like mad. Thank goodness that everyone was laughing !
The bead store was nice, but nothing jumped out at me to take home and make stuff with it. We went back to Nya's and her baby is a sweet bundle of sugar, he actually made me think that I could be a mommy. BUT NOT ANYTIME SOON !

It was so nice to have girl time with other people who get the whole "crafty" thing. You just instantly click, well at least I do. I'd really like to get everyone together again at our house and maybe cook up a meal, play some records and make cocktails...and knit and make stuff ;) of course !!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

V. Excited !!

Tomorrow I get to meet ARYN !!! and her sister Nya !!
Somehow she managed to fly over here to see her sister and we have a Glitter Meetup tomorrow !

I think besides taking pictures I am going to suggest we go for DIM SUM, and to the bead warehouse (she wants to get some beads, how could I argue with that ?), and maybe hit some LYS's - because who doesn't love yarn ? anyway it should be really exciting.
I love meeting the girls, and quite honestly I drop everything I have going to do it.
(I backed out of a drinkfest party that someone who used to be close to me is having just to make plans..) Besides, last night we took the Wii over to Eric and Erin's and we had 6 people bowling and rocking the Rabbids..I totally drank too much wine and somehow lost my star crossed Pro Bowling ball. I'll get it back ;)
So with puffy wine-face I write to tell you of these adventures.

Today we are going to hit the local IHOP and get some eggs and panqueques (think of the accent..too much fun and better than saying pancakes or flapjacks)) and then ! we are going to see Clive Owen be sexy in Children of Man. I am trying to get the young fiancee to go see Night at The Museum as a possible double header sneak in type dealie but we will see. I just really want to see the Museum of Natural History IRL anyway. Growing up & going there for school trips was awesome - and I wanna go back and see it again.

I need an aspirin and some coffee, maybe some strawberries...
Have a beautiful day !!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I am trying to be better about updating this thing.

At my new job I dont have the nerve to go on glitter, it's too busy and I dont want people knowing stuff that I have said...Some vulgar or naughty stuff belongs to my girls out there.

The job is good. I made a friend there to have lunch with, and I am sure she thinks I am the strangest person she's ever met. I was laughing about Wolford Brimley's diabeetis commercials and she was enjoying my laugh... So maybe I haven't scared her off yet.

Yeah I can't help but laugh when the Beetis commercials come on, and Tyson found this for me on the web...
Diabetes is not funny, but the way this old coot pronounces it, I lose my marbles.

I hope everyone is having a good start of the year, I am ^_^

Monday, January 08, 2007

NEUROCHIC - I am so thrilled you cheated death..I couldnt comment on your blog for some reason...

Knittykat - Congrats on the baby ! You know how happy I am for you..

Kneesocky - so glad your xmas & the knitted presents went over so well !

As for me, I have made it through the initial shock of my new job, and really like going to work. Let's hope this mindframe doesnt change too quickly.. I'll bet just typing that was a akinahurrah but I'll risk it.

Today I went to lunch by myself and the waiter was so nervous and flirty his hands were shaking.. It's good to know I have still got it ;)

So V. Important - I hope everyone has a chance to see the HBO documentary THIN.
I have dieted, and done the diet pill thing, but I will say right now this country has a serious problem and women need to take better care of themselves. I have watched this documentary 3 times to remind myself that being healthy is so darned important. Please take good care of yourselves and others.

Link to the HBO site

The filmmaker is Lauren Greenfield, and she has done several art series on girl image and children growing up too fast. There's a companion book to the documentary and I read it on my break on campus....shocking and horrible.

Knitting will commence soon, my hand isnt all healed, but I have a sweater to finish, and a boy who still wants his gloves.

Happy New Year !!!!
(I hope the thin announcement wasnt a super downer, but we need to be aware of the issues plaguing women, and I'd be remiss if I didnt say this movie was really riveting.)
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