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Sunday, July 30, 2006

New Gear and Progress

I am so excited to say I finally got my Addi Sparkles !!! I have been dying to have a pair, and now I can actually start on my Noni bag is glittery style ! Ok enough gloating.. BUT WHEEEE !!!

My ball winder and swift also arrived, but no need to show them, but you can see my 1st home wound ball in the pic next to my recent project - The one skein Baby Bolero. I started the sleeve, but i dont think I like how loose the purl2, knit2 rib is going...Maybe I'll crochet the sleeves ;-) and make my own sleeves up !
The progress is going well, and quite ohonestly I am ready to start my Noni, but should most likely finish my Bobblicious, and do the Knucks I promised Tyson....

Hope everyone had a great weekend !

Friday, July 28, 2006

Some FO's !

Well the whole point of having a knit blog is to show you actually knit right ?
So here is my 1st pair of socks, although I'm sure some people out there have already peeped 'em elsewhere....

I also learned how to crochet from my yarn guru Knittykat :)
She sent me lessons in how to crochet over email and my final exam was to make a washcloth.I've already made a few and given one as a gift... Oh and I got an A++ on my final project ^_^

Right now in my knitting adventures I am making a baby bolero jacket for my friend Erin's unborn little baby, waiting on my 1st set of Addi SPARKLES ! to arrive so I can cast on for a felted Noni bag KAL with Knittykat, and I am also going to be knitting up a pair of Knucks for my boyfriend.

(i promise my blog skills will improve)

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