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Sunday, August 26, 2007

I think it's rather predictable that things have worked out.

No matter what I ever plan, there's a serpentine journey that leads to a great resolve.
Yesterday we dumped out a bunch of stuff to the thrift store, priced out and solved the invitation hurdle, made up the everyone's invited guest list, and found & put a deposit on a wedding band for ME! Mr.T's is already here and engraved.
My dad's sister and mom's sister both bought their plane tickets so it's ON!!!!!!!!!!!


Damn I didn't really notice until now, my new camera is badical!
We really did have a fun time at Disney.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Misery Sucks, Let's turn a new leaf!

I have found a miracle amino acid called L-Theanine, and if you need relief from anxiety, then this is the vitamin for you. The rage fever has broken, and with this little bit of help I feel pretty good about giving T's mom a freebie.
I've not been so relaxed and prepared to take on this wedding thing by the horns as I am now.

So good things.

T has a job interview on the horizon, which is terrific.
Look how happy he is about that!

I have made some decisions, and it looks like the reception will be in December with all my family on my mom's side in Massachusetts in December.
This is a plus, because then I can still throw Thanksgiving at my house again this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and cooking a delicious meal for my parents and new in-law family is something I truly enjoy ^_^

We are seriously thinking of getting a little dog. It's been a major consideration, but I think we are going to get one, if not now - of course after the wedding. Or maybe sooner. Pugs are stupid cute, as you could tell by the last video I posted.
We love 'em - tushy problems and all.
Or a boston terrier, because they are crazy cute too.
T thinks if we rescue a boy dog he will call him El Guapo.

I just got back from shoe shopping with my girlfriend at work, Andrea.
She rocks. We both got peep toe pumps, mine are bronze brown, and hers are red. I have tons of red shoes, but not any real brown ones to wear all day.

Yeah they really are sexy.

Tomorrow night is dinner to celebrate my birthday with the inlaws.
Let's see how L-Theanine works then ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So this wedding planning is truly making me miserable. My future MIL basically gave us an ultimatum to invite T's brother's gf, and we dont know her. The condition for this is because she doesnt want to come to our wedding with resentment towards us, because when she lived with someone for 7 years she wasnt invited somewhere? Then she said perhaps you should tell us you are eloping and that will solve it.
I remarked - how is this supposed to jump my synapse?
I dont understand what you are saying? you'd rather us elope if we dont invite Ray's girlfriend, because you dont want to come to our wedding if she isnt invited?
Oh the family is crazy.
Plus his dad wants to possibly impress his mother with giving us money with strings attached to have the wedding somewhere they want it to be.
Oh who is ready to elope and single out the fiancee's family?
I am stewing about how manipulative she was, and she's not an aggressive woman, and I am about to go crazy. My whole family planned to be here and I basically ruined their plans for thanksgiving because I cancelled the reception and made the decision to go out to Massachussetts to see them and bring the party there instead.

Oh fuck all of it with a big vodka with aloe drink.

I can't stop being angry about them.
How is he related to this bunch of people?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Simpsonized Me!

Yep, that's what I look like :)

So yeah, the birthday today, not the greatest, but still it was good.
Had sushi for lunch, and Trangs Vietnamese for dinner.
T had a fever of 100.7,and now 98.3 so I guess I'll be getting sick soon too.
Oh and my dad got fired from his job.

Somehow I am still doing okay, just mostly tired.
Tomorrow is a group lunch to celebrate at work, so that should be fun.
All is well, my gramma is still alive so it's no big deal today wasn't crazy magical.
My weekend was just wonderful.
I can handle anything. I have a magical day everyday in little ways.
Plus being loved by Mr. T helps immensely, he's sweet as sugar - twice as nice.
Happy Birthday to ME!

Yep. Another year older, and I just got back from a lovely weekend with my man. T & I went to Orlando and stayed at the dolphin hotel at Disney.
No one can believe we went to disney to celebrate my getting older, but I got an amazing discount and we said it's all about staying at the hotel ^_^.
I got a brand new digital camera and took tons of pictures, so I'll definitely be posting them up here for you to see some sights.

So far, I realized I left my dayplanner at the hotel, and so now it's being looked for, and the person who finds it will see how great my intimate life is :P

Still, it's my birthday and all good things happen.
I may be going back to orlando again for business this up and coming weekend, so we may acquire a gorgeous bamboo tv cabinet we saw while antiquing yesterday!

It was great at the resort. Cocktails, the heat, spaten on tap in Epcot Germany...
That was really an oasis for us :)
We had dinner in Italy and I was trying to charm the waiter by saying all the italian words I could remember on the fly.
"cinque, scatolla di mierda, refrigerifero, orologico"
translates to: five, shitbox, refrigerator, clock
Yeah he said "It's okay, I learned the naughty words too when I learn the english"

Tyson's home sick and I am here at my office.
Perhaps some sushi lunch for my personal holiday ;)

Enjoy the day everyone, we all get a present.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

You know what?

I am a lame blogger. and I hate lame bloggers.

So an update is due, and a change in behavior.

*I am still knitting the chevron scarf, and have been reading more than anything.
* Just finished Martin Eden by Jack London and LOVED IT.
* My grandmother had a stroke, and I haven't really spoke much about it, and now sadly her left side is I am guessing she will never knit again. She kept saying she would when she was ready, and now she cant. I'm really having a hard time dealing with this, so I'll stop right there.
*T and I have decided to ditch the reception entirely and go back to the brunch / dinner thing with only our very closest friends from the past bunch of years and it's a small group. I'm going to do my own hair, and hopefully Rick is still coming out from Seattle to do my makeup. The thought of his handsome smile and his talented hands on my face make all my hoarding a gay man's attention fantasies come true -_^
*My job is still shaky and will probably result in being laid off again after we get married. There's a job hiring freeze, so all the feelers I put out have been stopped dead in their tracks.
*I long to do something completely outrageous to my hair, and of course this must wait until after the wedding.
*We desperately want to move out of the house, and of course "have to wait until after the wedding"
*Portland Oregon - We are planning to see the Oregon Bounty this fall for a honeymoon! That is really exciting for so many reasons, I cant even begin. Or it may fall to the wayside and we go see my mom's family in Massachusetts - which would be super too, really.
*The only things I have in place for the wedding is T's ring in the mail on the way, my dress on the back of my bedroom door, a blue garter I bought yesterday, and a wedding invitation that will be converted to an announcement once we get motivated.

Monday is my birthday and I am totally considering calling in sick and going to the courthouse in my dress and marrying T then. Call it an elopement and then have to buff out the wedding date in the ring that I had engraved for him.
Crazy huh?

I hope soon to hear that Knittykat had her baby and that all is well ^_^

Also this weekend I am going somewhere special to celebrate the day of my birth, I'll be certain to have some pictures and a reveal and more frequent updates.

hugs and kisses Craftygoddess xoxoxoxox
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